Origami Screencast: Pivot

After writing about Origami and Material Design, I wanted to create screencasts of the examples to show how they’re put together. This is the first.

Facebook has great video tutorials on the Origami site. I’d like to create examples and make screencasts that are around 2 to 4 minutes. They won’t be as comprehensive as what you’ll find in Origami’s tutorials section, but I’m hoping to have each video focus on just one or two concepts.

When learning Angular a few years ago, egghead.io was one of my favorite resources. John Lindquist started egghead.io with a very minimal layout and focused on releasing short videos. Now it’s one of the best sites for learning front-end frameworks.

It’d be great to build up something like that, but for now I’ll focus on releasing short videos. I just finished reading Founders at Work and still have the shipping mentality discussed in so many of the interviews fresh in my head.